Commercial Claims & Restoration Services

Why Is A property evaluation Recommended?

This evaluation determines the condition of your property with photo documentation so that you can budget and plan for maintenance and replacement of the exterior building components. It also establishes a baseline property condition prior to a storm event.

What does this mean?

It means that Timber Creek Builders has documentation noting “no damage”, “existing storm damage”, “mechanical damage” and/or “maintenance issues” because in the event that there is a storm knowing the existing conditions may mean the difference between full replacement, a repair or no compensation on a claim.

What If You Have Damage?

If during the evaluation exterior damage to your property is noted, Timber Creek Builders will determine if the damage is storm related and if so will contact you to discuss the damage and begin the claims and restoration process.

Providing Peace of Mind

This evaluation gives you peace of mind knowing that you have a preselected contractor at your service who is familiar with your property and its conditions in the event of a storm.

What Happens After The Storm?

In the event a storm occurs in the area of one of your properties you need but make a single phone call and a licensed, qualified Timber Creek Builder Claims Specialist will come to your property and perform a post storm inspection. This Claims Specialist will determine if the damage is significant enough to warrant an insurance claim and if so begin the claims and restoration process.

“Oh No, The Roof Is Leaking”

Did you know your insurance provider requires you to take the necessary steps to mitigate damage to your property? In the event of a leak or loss of shingles we have crews available to perform emergency repairs to alleviate further damage. Just give us a call.

What Is This Going to Cost Me?

Property Evaluations are performed on a time and material basis. On a storm related claim, you are automatically reimbursed for the property evaluation costs and your only out-of-pocket expense is your insurance deductible. Scheduled repairs and replacement will be on a time and material basis.