Tools & Technology

Location, Location, Location

Using the latest weather tracking information and satellite technology Timber Creek Builders can track the path of a storm event and project potential hail size on a given property. While this information helps us determine if an inspection is needed, it does not replace a site visit by one of our senior inspectors.


Satellite imaging which provides roof material quantities. This enables us to compare this information with the quantities established for your property by your insurance provider. This is just another tool to ensure you are receiving all of the insurance compensation you are entitled to.

Hail Strike

Hail maps which track storms and provide information about size and quantity of hail in a storms path. This enables us to determine an exact storm date and size of hail and verify the necessity of filing and insurance claim.


An innovative web-based construction management tool with a focus on roofing that allows us to import Xactimate Pricing which is one of the most utilized standard pricing tools in the insurance industry. We create line item estimates which typically reflect the pricing provided by your insurance carrier. This means when your insurance provider and Timber Creek Builders agree on the project pricing and scope of work your only out-of-pocket expense will be your deductible.

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